Tamara Ward

Tamara is a divinely guided Medium, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, and Workshop Facilitator. She has been in the holistic industry for over twenty years and has been listed as one of Calgary’s top Psychics and Mediums by “Crowd Wellness”every year since 2015. She has now concentrated her many years of modality training and her intuitive gifts into a powerful structure which will lead you into a renewed connection with self confidence that launches you forward in your life!

Dedicated to facilitating the personal empowerment of both men and women, Tamara has cultivated a format ideal which:

  • Reveals beliefs and issues that hinder your connection with self-confidence and personal power, which are sometimes hidden in the subconscious or spiritual realm
  • Shift limiting beliefs with a powerful “belief reprogramming” technique, and
  • Align your energy system to work in harmony with the new beliefs to facilitate quick results!

It is important to realize that “habit” will keep you looped into the old way of being. In order to maintain that higher level of energy, Tigress Empowerment offers courses to support continued development of your personal power which include:

Ongoing guided meditation classes

  • Learning techniques to enhance thought control
    • Anchors in positive beliefs
    • Maintaining positive thoughts creates a more positive life
    • change the energy of a situation in the moment!
  • Breath techniques
    • Anxiety buster

Seminars and workshops on various topics including:

  • intuition development and enhancement
    • learning to trust yourself & your inner wisdom
  • Self-acceptance, confidence building and working with practical applications in daily life to deepen and strengthen your self love.

My passion and my greatest joy is in seeing the incredible changes my clients have made within themselves and their lives….living their dream and loving the life they create.”