Sheska Chan (Suki)

Suki was born in China and was brought up in Edmonton, Alberta in the 60s.  At a tender age of three, Suki was able to communicate with spirit.  Her strong intuition and highly sensitive nature to subtle energies and sensing emotions perplexed her mind.  She began to search for answers which lead her to many profound spiritual experiences including dreams and communication with animals and plants.  She had an out-of-body experience and her ability to communicate telepathically took her down the path of energy healing. It was in the early 1990s when Suki decided to use massage therapy as a tool for aligning energy channels physically, she has done remote healing on clients as well as their loved ones living or passed. Her main focus is to empower her clients to tap into their own inner wisdom and to reach their fullest potentials. Suki believes Now is the time and every breath holds the potential for healing.

Suki offers:

Intuitive Readings, Chakra Energy Activation, Amma: Japanese pressure point massage (table and chair), and Reiki.