Palmistry Workshop

The Palmistry workshop series course structure is as follows:

  1. The Different Hand Shapes & Compatibility
  2. The Planets and the Mounts of the Hand
  3. The Fingers, Thumbs & Nails
  4. Major Lines on the Palm
  5. Minor Lines on the Palm 
  6. Stars, Crosses, Squares and Other Signs on the Palm

There are no prerequisites for these workshops, you can jump into this series of workshops at anytime.

Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm
Facilitator: Hannah Luft
Cost: $42 per class

Please call 403-279-9555 to reserve your spot. We do require that you register for our events so that we may prepare for the number of attendants as well as we know who to call should any changes have to occur to the event - thank you!