What is Numerology?

Like Astrology Numerology is truly a science of the ages.  One of the first forms of Numerology can be traced back to ancient Greece.  The great mathematician & philosopher Pythagoras discoverer of the now famous Pythagorean Theorem was impassioned with trying to understand the nature of the universe.  Through numbers he began to see reoccurring geometric & numeric patterns throughout the natural world, he was one of the first people to begin to understand the nature of harmonics & vibration and through the use of numbers & mathematics was able to begin a working framework of a system that could begin to understand the frequencies and patterns of everything, thus the science and philosophy of numerology was born.

And so in a nutshell numerology is the philosophy, psychology and science of numbers.  It can offer insights into psychological patterns, explore the realms of purpose & existence as well as offer a way to explore your potential and help you to solve certain problems or situations along life’s journey.

Types of Numerology

There are many systems of numerology, some of the better known and most widely used are those such as the Pythagorean & Chinese to the more mystical Cabalistic & Chaldean.  The two numerological systems that Carl uses are the Pythagorean & Chinese.  Both are unique systems unto themselves and are wonderful tools that can provide great insight into one’s life. 

Some questions that numerology can provide insight into are:

  • Are you fulfilling your hearts desire or are you giving in to an image of what others expect of you?  
  • What is your destinies path or purpose?  
  • What gifts & strengths can you draw upon in order to create a more productive & fulfilling life?
  • How you can interact better with those people around you in order to achieve greater harmony within relationships.
  • What are your life cycles; learn how to work more in tune with your natural rhythms.
  • Learn how the number of your home or where you work, countries to visit or live, to the car you drive can affect your rhythm.
  • A wealth of information can be found for anything you would like greater insight into that has a name or number.

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Carl Klimuk, Astrologer, Master Herbalist & Wholistic Practitioner 

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