New Moon Gathering

New Moon = New Beginnings

Sitting in sacred ceremony we will utilize the energies of the new moon through ritual & intentional activities

The astrological sign Libra is influencing us at this time and you will be shown how to harness it’s energy and use it to your benefit. You will be guided in mediation, ceremony and intentional activity, with moments for reflection and discussion.

* This is a monthly gathering. Please join as often as you like.
*These gatherings will be on the Monday(moonday) closest to the new moon.
*You are invited to bring a talisman/gem/ or any other precious item to place on the altar.
*You are encouraged to bring a journal & meditation cushion if you have one
*Tea will be provided & you are encouraged to cup or mug, however not necessary
* All that is required is an open heart and open mind.
*In gratitude of the space and facilitator we ask for a contribution of $25 (cash only please)

Facilitator: Terra Kenzie Longacre
Time: 6:30 - 8:30
Location: The Divine Mine NORTH Location

To have us save a space for you please call the store