Mastery of the Tarot

We are excited to offer the “Mastery of the Tarot” series of classes starting again in April! Tamara Ward has been providing professional tarot readings for over twenty years, and is now sharing her expertise with the Tarot in this exciting and informative series of classes. Completion of all of the classes will award you with a Master Level Certificate of completion!

We will be going in depth in each aspect of intuition development, spiritual integrity, various layout techniques and the many facets of interpreting Tarot. Accordingly, the classes have been allotted into a series of four, two hour sessions. This provides the opportunity to continue to deepen and expand on the last class to enhance the next.

Students are encouraged to bring their own tarot deck and learn the intricacies of the messages unique to their deck, as well as how to accurately convey the answers shown related to the client.

Each class is $50.00 (plus GST) with a “package rate” of $175. Certificate will be issued upon completion of each of the classes.

Class #1: Minor Arcana

Establishing sacred space, understanding and working with spiritual integrity, review of the suits of Cups and Wands

Class #2: Minor Arcana 2

Review of the suit of Swords & Discs/Pentacles

Class #3: Major Arcana & Court Cards

Review of the Court (People) Cards & the Major Arcana

Class #4: Layout Techniques & Interpretation

Review & discussion about various layout styles, working with various techniques in interpretation and how the cards connect to create a comprehensive reading.

Please call 403-375-0585 to reserve your space, we must have verbal confirmation from you for registration.