Colleen Jorgensen

Hello, thanks for joining me on the Spiritual Journey. My name is Colleen Jorgensen and I own a little business known as Spiritual Journey. I am an

Astrologer, gifted with Psychic Medium Abilities. I am also a Spiritual mentor and guide along as well as Spiritual Psychic Instructor.  My Spiritual Journey began at a young age, as I was born with the gift of the knowing. I understood energy and the threads of how it worked throughout my youth. Like many people my primary goals at that time was to shut it off. As a result, I began a journey of religious practice, which carried me into my early adulthood.

My intrigue with energy and the healing practices, led me into a Nursing Career. Practising at the local hospital in our small farming community. Energy work and healing modalities carried me into becoming a Reiki Master with interests in all healing practices.

I have always been connected to nature and the open land, as my husband and I farmed, which connected me with the Moon cycles and the movements of the planets. I became to study independently the art of Astrology, having then deciding to seek out professional guidance.  Training through the American Federation of Astrologers. Becoming a certified professional astrologer. It was through this modality that I could also express my Psychic gifts without the criticism of living in a small town on the prairies. I have always felt the tug of the universe and how it’s interconnected with the universal energy. I worked locally in my own private practice as an astrologer for many years.

During my travel experiences, I began the exploration of my psychic and spiritual gifts. Being mentored by some amazing women on my journey. I was trained through various modalities, connected to the Church of Spirituality, which guided me into instructing my own Psychic Development Program for several years and into today. Having been on several retreats both in Ireland, England, and France, as well as British Columbia. I began the process of working and understanding my Psychic gifts, embracing my abilities. Understanding the practices in a larger mindset due to the guidance of my Spiritual guide and Animal Guide. I am a traveller and am an instructor in the art of Astral Travel, guiding others into their own Spiritual Journey. I instruct others how to harness their abilities into a consistent connection between themselves and spirit. I assist others in House clearings, physical clearings, and practices within the spiritual natures of haunting or attachments.

I trained through Richard Knight to learn the Tarot Cards in more depth. I then developed my own Tarot Course and instruct others in the art of the Tarot.

My interests in the holistic modalities led me to further my education and began study in the art of Meditation. Training through the University of Holistic Theology for a year, becoming a Certified Meditation Instructor and Guide. The practices of Buddhist Vipassana Meditation (Mindful Meditation) were my primary target. I now host Meditation groups in all forms from Astral Travel in spirit world and the physical plane, along with various forms of meditation practices with Mindfulness. 

My grandmother was instrumental for me learning the art of herbs and herbology. Finally embracing my connection to Traditional Witchcraft and the practice of the wise women in healing or spell crafting. I sell herbs & products along with the instruction in the use of herbology within this practice of Traditional Witchcraft. The land and spirit have always called me. I work within the Shamanic practices within the circle of the world.

Colleen Jorgensen: Psychic Medium Astrologer. N.A; LPN; Reiki Master; CMI; PMAFA; Tarot practitioner.