Alchemy Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

We would like to invite you into this beautiful space to enjoy a blissful healing sound bath. Using the the soothing sounds of the purest quartz crystal singing bowls and Zepher Chimes played by Amanda Meadahl.
Sound is one of the most powerful healers for the human energy field. The frequencies you will hear emit a powerful pure resonance, sending out tremendous energy from the quarts crystal, creating a feeling of freedom, openness and expansion. The harmonic vibes you will absorb have deep therapeutic effects- similar to a an internal sound massage bringing ourselves back into vibrational alignment to bring balance and deep relaxation to our whole system. These 9 Alchemy crystal singing bowls places the listener in a receptive state of

consciousness, in which there is an increased awareness of being connected to all things. This awareness brings resonance, an expanded, uplifted and positive state.

A sound bath can be an unforgettable experience for those who seek rejuvenation, deep relaxation and an acceleration of their inward journey.
Facilitator: Amanda Meadahl
Cost: $20 (cash only please)
Time: 6:30 - 7:45pm
Sunday, March 31st - South Location 
Friday, April 5th - North Location
Sunday, April 21st - South Location
Please call 403-279-9555 (south) or 403-375-0585 (north) to reserve your spot - we must have verbal confirmation of your attendance, thank you!